Welcome to the LSVR!

At the Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research (LSVR), our missions are to resolve long-standing problems and to create new opportunities for advancements in the fields of vibrations, acoustics, mechanics, manufacturing, and smart materials.

We examine, hypothesize, design, model, and test, which broadens our impact all the way from the new theories developed to our new experimental systems created that serve as frameworks for technology development. 

Our lab facilities, research expertise, and team-structure make us a unique lab to be immersed in or work with.

Latest News

December 27, 2019. A new LSVR paper appears in Physical Review Applied about achieving near total absorption of low frequency sound with soft matter. Congrats to the first author, Shichao Cui! 

December 23, 2019. Congrats to Wen Cai for receiving the 2020 OSU Presidential Fellowship, the highest honor given by the OSU Graduate School!

October 23, 2019. Congrats to Wen Cai and Sih-Ling Yeh for successfully completing their respective PhD candidacy exams! 

October 14, 2019. A new LSVR paper appears in Advanced Engineering Materials about predicting mechanical properties in functionally graded elastomeric metamaterials. Congrats to the first author, Charles El-Helou!

Activities Overview

We employ our driving motivation to advance the aims of several application areas, including

  • Lightweight, multifunctional material systems to control shock, vibration, and sound
  • Reconfigurable acoustic arrays for deployable medical ultrasound devices and adaptive underwater communications
  • Characterizing dynamic response of multistable structures in extreme and multiphysics loading environments
  • Controlling and guiding sound for automotive and aerospace applications

For further details, please check out the Research page.


The LSVR is seeking Undergraduate students interested in completing an Honors Research Program during their final 3 or 4 semesters of their BS degree program at OSU. Interested students should contact Prof. Harne (provide CV and grade report) to indicate interest. 

The LSVR has open Graduate Research Associate student positions in the areas of study described on the Research page.

Interested candidates for graduate positions must [a] have applied to the OSU MAE graduate program and [b] should email Prof. Harne (provide CV with references) to indicate interest. Please understand that due to the large number of emails received, interested candidates may not receive a personal reply.