Welcome to the LSVR!

Left to right: Dr. Harne, Quanqi Dai, Justin Bishop, Yu Song, Nick Sears, Sansriti Saxena, Danielle Lynd, Ben Goodpaster

At the Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research (LSVR), our missions are to resolve long-standing problems and to create new opportunities for advancements in the fields of vibrations, acoustics, mechanics, and nonlinear dynamics. We examine, hypothesize, design, model, and test, which broadens our impact all the way from the new theories developed to our new experimental systems created that serve as frameworks for technology development. Our lab facilities, research expertise, and team-structure make us a unique lab to be immersed in or work with.

Activities Overview

We employ our driving motivation to advance the aims of several application areas, including

  • Noise and vibration control, damping, isolation
  • Energy harvesting and capture, and guided energy transfer in nonlinear structural systems
  • Adaptive structure/material design for exceptional versatility and tunable dynamic performance
  • Sensing methodologies and sensor development

For further details, please check out the Research page.


The LSVR is seeking Undergraduate students interested in completing an Honors Research Program during their final 3 or 4 semesters of their BS degree program at OSU. The LSVR will consider students not interested in the Program in lieu of a weekly commitment of 10 hours minimum of research efforts with us. Interested students should contact Prof. Harne (provide CV) to indicate interest. 

The LSVR will have multiple Graduate Research Associate (GRA) and/or Postdoc positions available (with start dates Jan. through Sept. 2017) on the study and development of vibration and noise control materials for automotive and aerospace vehicles and protective structures. The research includes various proportions of analytical, finite element simulation, and experimental components; candidates with such prior experiences will receive preferential consideration. Each position will involve close interaction with sponsors including meeting timetables for deliverable results. See the below information for further details about how to indicate interest.

The following background, skills, and experiences are sought in future members of the LSVR team. Candidates with mixture of theoretical, computational, and experimental research experiences are preferred. Effective communication skills are required. Expertise in MATLAB is strongly preferred and the candidates must be able to actively engage local and professional communities with the scientific and engineering principles derived from this research.

Interested candidates must [a] have been accepted into the OSU MAE graduate program (for GRA positions) and [b] should contact Prof. Harne (provide CV) to indicate interest.